TATU roteiros ENG south banner - South of the Chapada Diamantina - 2 days / 1 night in Mucugê
  • Poço Encantado: a natural phenomenon where water and light merge to create an amazing effect

  • Poço Azul: experience the joy of floating in the completely crystalline water within the cave

  • Buracão Waterfall hidden behind coffee trees, an aquatic wonder in an amazing setting

  • The villages of Mucugê, Ibicoara, Andaraí, with their rich colonial past and diamond mining history

Day 1

Poço Encantado + Poço Azul + village of Mucugê

From Lençois we take the road that crosses the “sertão”, a semi-arid region surrounding the national park, towards the village of Andaraí. After an hour and half, we leave the asphalt road to venture further into this ochre-coloured oasis. The road passes through a few small communities before reaching the Poço Encantado, an underground (enchanted!) lake hidden beneath cacti. The effect of the translucent water is spectacular and the silence is absolute beneath the sun-soaked earth. The sun’s rays penetrate the caves and form an incredible beam of turquoise blue light that makes the colour even more impressive.

We then go to Poço Azul, a few kilometres away. The water is also crystal clear and you can even swim within the cave. Continuing our journey on the high plains until we reach Mucugê, one of the oldest towns in the Chapada. The “byzantine” cemetery, perched on a hillside, and its 19th century buildings make it one of the most charming places to visit in the region. Evening is left free. Night at Pousada Pé de Serra.

Day 2

Buracão waterfall + Ibicoara + “Sempre Viva” Centre + return to Lençois

After breakfast in the colourful sertão we head south to Ibicoara, a small town surrounded by coffee trees where we are joined by a specialist guide. After a few kilometres of road we then trek for an hour along a beautiful river to reach this waterfall that seems to disappear into the bowels of the earth. A descent into the forest leads us to a rocky canyon, which seems to provide a natural barrier for the famous Buracão. The waterfall projects onto a circle of mighty rocks where creates an aquatic explosion of spray, accompanied by the noise of tons of water crashing down between the rocks. Access to the lake is physically demanding, as it requires you to negotiate moving along a rock face/wall, although your guide is there to help! When swimming, we can even go right under the waterfall… If time allows we can visit the “Sempre Viva” Centre (named after a plant that is ”Always Alive”). This Research Centre is situated in a unique place within a strange conglomeration of rocks, endemic and exotic plants. These plants are presented in all their curious shapes and colours. We arrive in Lençois at the end of the afternoon.


South of the Chapada Diamantina

2 days / 1 night

Accommodation in Mucugê – Pousada Pé de Serra

330 €

for 3-5 people

380 €

2 people

Price includes:vehicle plus English speaking guide + site entrance fees, accident insurance and 1 night accommodation. Excludes lunches, dinner and drinks.