TATU roteiros ENG diogo banner - Chapada tour and Diogo beach - 6 days / 5 nights
  • Choose one of three tour options in the Chapada followed by a trip to an exclusive beach flanked by coconut trees, without losing time

  • After the physical demands of trekking the Chapada, a chance to chill-out by the sea with optional activities

  • Transport between the two tours is included in the price; breakfast on arrival at the beach with immediate access to your chalet

Days 1 to 3

See description of your tour in the Chapada Diamantina.

Day 3

Return from your tour of the day at around 6.30pm. In the case of the trek to Pati or the Discovery Tour based in Capão you will receive your tickets for the minibus to Palmeiras at 20.30 and for the bus to Salvador at 22.30. In the case of the Discovery Tour based in Lençois you receive your bus tickets for Salvador at 23.30. Overnight bus journey.

Day 4

Arrive Salvador bus station c. 6.30am. A private taxi will take you directly to Diogo, 80 km north of Salvador on the Estrada do Coco (Coconut road). A welcome breakfast awaits you at the pousada and you can access your chalet immediately.

Too Cool na Bahia and Diogo beach: chosen for its charm, this unique location is surrounded by coconut trees, amazing sand dunes and the Imbassaí river where we can swim after the beach… but that’s not all! Diogo is situated in one of the very few sections of the Bahian coast that has not been adversely affected by tourism. The village of Diogo is a genuine Bahian village with its bars and small locally owned restaurants. Whilst the pousada is not located on the beach the 25-minute walk to get there takes you through a wonderful series of sand dunes that has long been a protected nature reserve. For this reason the beach is often deserted, visited only by a few surfers. The sea turtles come to lay their eggs there and in the morning we can see their tracks on the sand. If you feel more social, in 10 minutes we can be at one of the beach huts where customers are generally local and we can order seafood or a ‘moqueca de peixe’. We can even walk to the village of Imbassaí along the seashore, an hour and half of pure pleasure. The pousada offers various activities such as river kayaking, surfing or a visit to the Tamar turtle protection centre at Praia do Forte, 20 km away. In the nearby village of Santo Antônio there is a centre for handicrafts and one of the best restaurants in the area, the “Sombra da Mangueira” (‘Shade of the Mango Tree’).

Days 5 to 6

Make the most of this privileged location! You can organize your return to Salvador or directly to the airport from the pousada.


Chapada Tour and Diogo Beach

6 days / 5 nights

Accommodation in Chapada + Toocool

720 €

6-8 people

740 €

3-5 people

840 €

2 people

Price includes: Chapada Tour + bus tickets Between Chapada and Salvador, taxi between Salvador and Diogo and 2 nights at the Pousada Too Cool.