TATU roteiros ENG pati banner - A 3 days trekking tour to Pati Valley, central area of the National Park
  • A privileged natural environment within a secluded area inhabited by a few local people. The only access to the Valley is on foot

  • Natural forests and woodland in one of the oldest geological locations in the world

  • Contact with locals (native residents of the valley)

Note: this is a demanding trek and you need to be in good physical condition, having had walking experience. The itinerary can be adjusted according to changes in the weather. Starting point is Capão village (see arrival information in transportation section) where there the guide evaluates the tour party’s physical condition and checks equipment. Luggage can be stored at the agency. A list of equipment required will be sent when making the reservation.

Day 1

Capão Valley – high plains – Pati Valley

  • 6 -7 hours trekking
  • Ascent and descent: 2300 feet

Depart the agency at 8am and travel by car towards the village of Bomba, the start of the trail to Pati valley. We soon encounter the high plains of Vieira, with its innumerable creeks. These vast areas were explored by gold miners and cattle ranchers for almost a hundred years. Time for a pit stop and a dip in the Crystal pond. The route follows the mule trails and provides a wonderful vista of the Pati mountain range in one of the most secluded area of the national park. We’ll see natural rock vegetation, carnivorous plants, altitude orchids and evergreen plants. If you’re lucky you might see a pair of eagles! We stay at a local resident’s house (rustic experience – no electricity but with comfy bed and clean bedsheets). Food is prepared by the cook using locally grown products and vegetables.

Day 2

Pati Valley- Funis waterfall – old city hall « Prefeitura »

  • 4-5 hour trek

After a traditional breakfast we trek through Atlantic forest containing many typical« Jacaranda » and “Ipê” trees. The trail suddenly arrives at an incredible waterfall surrounded by enormous trees. Bromelia hang liberally from the trees creating a stunning rainforest scenario. We continue south, following the river until we bump into the old city hall of Pati, where we stop for a picnic by the river. Lodging at the house of another local, we watch the sun setting behind the Castelo mountain peak. Dinner is provided by our host.

Day 3

Pati valley – Calixto valley

  • 6-7 hour trek

  • Ascent of 2300 feet

Early start to explore Castelo’s peak, the quartz fort that dominated the landscape the previous day. The trail becomes engulfed by humid rainforest where we hear the chants of « Arapongas », a white bird that we sense has been watching us for a while, as well as catch glimpses of the ruby-throated hummingbird, endemic to this region. Samambaia ferns and palm trees are ubiquitous in the valley whilst the Calixto waterfall cascades into a stunning natural bathing pool to both relax and take in this extraordinary setting. We then move on till we reach the high plains where we can see the whole panoramic mountain range. Amazing views appear before our eyes in the final hours of the trek that lead us back to Capão. Arrival time at the agency is 7pm.

Depending on climatic factors or the customer’s desire to return via a shorter, less strenuous circuit, the last day of the trek can be adapted as follows: Serra do Esbarrancado, Beco, Vila de Guiné. Return to Palmeiras or Capão by car. 4 to 5 hours’ walk.
Today, we cross the immense plateaus, admiring the western cordillera of the National Park, to the foot of the Esbarrancado Range, then pass through the Beco, which gives us access to the village of Guiné. Lunch stop on the banks of the Rio Preto. The agency car then takes the group back to Palmeiras or Capão (two hours and two and a half hours drive, respectively. (value to be defined at the agency)”.

Optional days/treks

It is possible to extend the Pati tour for one or two extra days. Here are the additional trekking options:

Optional trek 1: Cachoeirão from the top. 5 to 6 hours’ walk. Elevation gain 500 metres. Circuit of medium difficulty

After a hearty breakfast, we leave our homestay early in the morning and take the trail to the Rio Preto highlands. After a steep climb of just over an hour and a half, we reach the Serra du Sincorá and its magnificent landscape. The town of Mucugé is, at this point, a two-day walk to the south, but our tour heads in a different direction, towards the Cachoeirão valley, crossing an area of endemic rock vegetation and then dense forests. On arrival, the 200-metre abyss we overlook offers a magnificent view all the way to the Imperio rise and the Cachoeirão valley. We pause for a snack in a cave, thinking of the “garimpeiros” (diamond diggers) who stayed here in the last century. Waterfalls depend on rainfall, so it’s possible to find dozens of cascades or just one or two. We return to our accommodation by the same route, arriving around 5 p.m. for a well-deserved rest.

Optional trek 2: Morro do Castelo. 5 to 6 hours’ walk. Elevation gain 600 metres. Difficult circuit.

Formerly known as Morro da Lavrinha, this beautiful mountain dominates the Pati valley and separates the Calixto and Upper Pati rivers. Before starting the steep climb to the summit, we have to cross the river, which in summer can be so full that we have to turn back and cancel the trip. The trail climbs relentlessly up to the pass, crossing cliffs inhabited by armadillos and anteaters. At the summit, we can contemplate the entire extension of the Pati valley as far as the Igatu mountains. We pass through an unusual cavern and emerge on the other side of the mountain – an unforgettable experience. Magnificent bromeliads cling to the rock faces, providing an absolutely tropical backdrop. The return journey takes the same route and, on reaching the Pati valley, we are rewarded with a river bath.

INFOCHAPADA FR mapa pati 3dias - A 3 days trekking tour to Pati Valley, central area of the National Park

Kit list for the trek

  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • Head flashlight with battery
  • Toilet paper
  • Small towel
  • Water bottle/flaske
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Trekking shoes/boots or adequate trainers
  • Sandals for the evening
  • Jumper for night
  • Backpack (30L)
  • Swim wear
  • Change of clothes
  • Personal first aid kit


3 day trekking tour to Pati Valley

2 nights at local resident’s houses inside the National Park

310 €

6-8 people

355 €

for 3-5 people

395 €

2 people

Optional days/treks: €140 per day

Price includes:English speaking guide, 3-day trek; 2 nights in homestay accommodation with breakfast and dinner; 3 picnic lunches; Ecotrip accident insurance; two-way transfer between the village of Capão and the start of the trek. Note that luggage can be left at the agency during the trek.

It is requested that you arrive in Capão the day before the departure of the trek in order to undergo a briefing with your guide and run through safety procedures and national park guidelines. Price of accommodation at Pousada Tatu Feliz.