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Note: This is a demanding trek and you need to be in good physical condition, having had walking experience. The itinerary can be adjusted according to changes in the weather. Starting point is Capão village (see arrival information in transportation section) where there the guide evaluates the tour party’s physical condition and checks equipment. Luggage can be stored at the agency. A list of equipment required will be sent when making the reservation.

Day 1

Capão Valley – Guiné village – Pati Valley

  • 2 hours driving on a dirt road
  • 5 hours trekking
  • Ascent/descent of 2000 feet

Leaving the agency at 8 am by car towards Guiné, on the west side of Introduction Chapada, we drive two hours along the mountain range of « Esbarrancado », a cliff-face that marks the natural boundary of the park. Arriving at Guiné we pick up the trail, which is the shortest route to the Pati Valley. We cross « Rio Preto » river where we stop for a snack. The water has a very particular colour due to the presence of organic tannins. There follows a very steep descent of the mountain trail to our host’s house, where we have some time to enjoy the incredible view before showers and evening meal. Dinner is prepared with vegetables, legumes and greens from the local garden.

Day 2

Pati Valley – Crossing High plains of Vieira – Capão Valley

  • 6-7 hours trekking
  • Ascent/descent of 3000 feet

After breakfast full of local fruits (passion fruit, mangos, yucca…) we set off for the high plains, a 3-hour trek where we can enjoy one of the richest landscapes Chapada has to offer. After resting for a while at the Crystals waterfall we trek down the hill towards Capão village, arriving c. 7pm.

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This tour enables you to get to know Pati Valley and involves an overnight stay. There is an option of the 3-day tour that allows us to become fully immersed in the extraordinary natural beauty of this place. However, this obviously depends on the time you have available, so the 2-day option takes you to the heart of the park within a short timeframe. Fitness is thus extremely important, as the second day involves some strenuous activity.

Extension: day trip to the Fumaça waterfall

  • 4-5  hours trekking

A one-day trek to Fumaça waterfall of 4-5 hours. This beautiful walk on the high plains allows you to discover the incredible vegetation, orchids and carnivorous plants, and culminates in the amazing spectacle of Fumaça, the highest waterfall in Brazil. The 400-meter rock-face provides natural protection to the native woodland where palm trees predominate. At this point we stop to eat. We return to Capão at the end of the day passing the Riachinho waterfall on the road.

Kit list for the trek

  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • Head flashlight with battery
  • Toilet paper
  • Small towel
  • Water bottle/flaske
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Trekking shoes/boots or adequate trainers
  • Sandals for the evening
  • Jumper for night
  • Backpack (30L)
  • Swim wear
  • Change of clothes
  • Personal first aid kit


Introduction to Pati Valley: 2-day Trek

1 night at a local resident’s house inside the National Park

200 €

6-8 people

250 €

for 3-5 people

300 €

2 people

Price includes: local transportation, English speaking guide, 1 night in homestay accommodation, accident insurance and meals (except dinner on day 2).
Possibility of arrival the morning of the departure (bus leaving at 23.00 from Salvador the previous day). Briefing on site.

Fumaça Waterfall

and Riachinho waterfall

70 €

6-8 peaple

80 €

3-5 people

90 €

2 people

Price includes: local transportation, English speaking guide, entrance fees on site, picnic lunche.